WWII group portrait
Duplicate of WWII PI group portrait a
WWII group
WWII men on dock
WWII Peoria

WWII first time
Lt. Johnson at Ft. Belvoir, at date of his commission. Annotated "1st time."
WFJ uniform 1
WFJ uniform 2

WFJ WHJ NEJ Family reunion
WWII new car
A cheerful Capt. Johnson posing with a new car, probably at the family home, postwar.
WFJ motorcycle

Alaska 1
Alaska 2
China Strait

Graduation 2
NEJ informal color a
NEJ informal color b

Photog at work
Ship activity
Ship menu 1

Ship menu 2
Ship menu 3
Ship menu 4

Ship menu 4 back
Ship officer 1
Ship officer 2

Ship officer 3
VMJ CertificateService
VMJ portrait color a

VMJ portrait color b
Wedding ltr Chuck 1
Wedding ltr Chuck 2

Wedding ltr Diana 1
Wedding ltr Diana 2
Wedding ltr envel

WFJ CertificateService1
WFJ CertificateService2
WFJ CertificateServiceDraft

WFJ EnlistedDischarge1
WFJ EnlistedDischarge2
WFJ HSgrad 1

WFJ HSgrad 2
WFJ portrait color
WFJ ReserveCommission

WFJ ReservesDischarge
WFJ SepQualRecord1
WFJ SepQualRecord2

WFJ suit a
WFJ tennis
WFJ VMJ parrot bDS

WHJ NEJ portrait
WHJ NEJ postcard WWII a
WHJ NEJ postcard WWII b

WHJ NEJ postcard WWII c
WHJ NEJ vacation rock
WHJ son graduation 1

WHJ uniform WWII a
WHJ uniform WWII b

Woman lawn
womanUI b
WWII 5th wheel 1
Field expedient, New Guinea. Built a 5th-wheel mount to turn a Mack truck into a semi configuration, so they could tow a large crane on a flatbed trailer. Suspended structure in background is unidentified. Person is T/Sgt E.B. Thompson. Dec 1944.

WWII 5th wheel 2
Another view of the 5th-wheel setup with Sgt. Thompson
WWII 614th Adams
Sgt. Adams of the 614th Engineers at Camp Claiborne. Their relationship with the 618th is unclear, except that the 614th seems to have run the driving school. Photographer's shadow suggests the photo was posed a little bit.
WWII 614th Driving School 1
Driving school (also covered maintenance, apparently) with the 614th Engineers at Clamp Claiborne.

WWII 614th Driving School 2
Driving school. Jeeps can go anywhere.
WWII 614th Driving School 3
More driving school. Annotation says ""Look OUT!!!". Lord only knows what the guy in back thinks he's doing. Wonder what happened next ...
WWII 614th Driving School 4
Driving and maintenance school. Annotation says "Pinkus (Don't you believe it)"; meaning is unclear. Was he not known for mechanical aptitude? Guy on the left looks like the origin of the term "grease monkey."

WWII 614th Driving School 5
Cross-country driving. They must have torn up the landscape around Claiborne a little bit.
WWII 614th Driving School 6
Driving school. Going up or coming down? And why is he looking at the camera instead of the, er, "road"?
WWII 614th Driving School 7
More driving and maintenance training. What kind of vehicle is that?

WWII 614th mess hall
614th mess hall
WWII 614th NCOs
614th Engineers, annotated "NCOs." They might be preparing for some sort of exercise.
WWII 614th person walking
Unidentified man of the 614th

WWII 614th two men
Two men of the 614th in some sort of discussion
WWII 614th Ville Platte
The ubiquitous jeep. Ville Platte is a small town in south-central Louisiana. Photo is associated with the 614th, suggesting this trip might have been part of the driving-school curriculum.
WWII 618 contrast
Jeep versus truck--contrast, indeed. Unidentified Pacific location, probably New Guines.

WWII 618 equipment 1
A lineup of 618th equipment, most look like some sort of trailer. Probably in New Guinea.
WWII 618 equipment 2
More 618th equipment in New Guinea--crane, road rollers, other unidentified vehicles
WWII 618 loading trailer
Some evolution involving crane, bulldozer, other equipment. Annotated "loading trailer."

WWII 618th Cadre
Key personnel of the 618th Base Engineering Equipment Company at Camp Claiborne. Annotated "Cadre."
WWII 618th Drury
Lt. Drury, probably at Camp Claiborne. We will meet him again.
WWII 618th GI
Unidentified soldier, probably at Camp Claiborne. Annotated "GI."

WWII 618th Nieman
Informal group portrait, probably vicinity of Camp Claiborne. Annotated "Nieman" (not further identified). June 1943.
WWII 618th Goldberg
Informal group portrait, probably same place and people. Annotated "Oh yeah!" (meaning unclear) and "Goldberg." The man in the middle with the canteen looks like Nieman. Goldberg may be the one who's doing the talking. June 1943.
WWII 618th Hobson Johnson
Two men under a tree, perhaps during some sort of field exercise. annotated "Hobson - Johnson." Johnson is unidentified but does not look like Lt. W.F. Johnson.

WWII 618th march
Group of men marching, presumably a training exercise
WWII 618th Nelson
Two 618th men in field, annotated "Bosch [uncertain], Nelson". June 1943.
WWII 618th Orderly Room
618th Orderly Room at Camp Claiborne. Does Today's Army still build those little white picket fences?

WWII 618th ready
Car of some sort climbing a bank; doesn't look like an off-road vehicle but it's getting places. Annotated "Ready for action". May be related to driving-school training.
WWII 618th Williams Drury
Counseling at Camp Claiborne? Annotated "Williams, Drury." Lt. Drury seems to be making a point. Williams is not further identified, nor is the little guy with the flag.
WWII Anderson
Portrait of Anderson, otherwise unidentified. Original album context and brick building, which is more substantial/permanent than those seen in the Camp Claiborne photos, suggest this is at Ft. Belvoir.

WWII autocar
Odd-looking vehicle towing a trailer, annotated "1st auto-car"
WWII Brehmer Thompson
Portrait of M/Sgt Brehmer and T/Sgt E.B. Thompson, apparently in connection with the fabrication of the 5th-wheel.
WWII bridge UCON
Apparently a damaged bridge; not clear whether they were rebuilding it. Location unknown, the photo is in a set of New Guinea images.

WWII Camp Claiborne 1
618th group portrait at Camp Claiborne. Men are unidentified. More little picket fences.
WWII Camp Claiborne 2
Group of men marching, with helmets, rifles, and a flag
WWII Camp Claiborne 3
Group portrait, men not identified

WWII Camp Claiborne 4
Portrait of "Long" (not further identified) in a jeep
WWII candidate
Portrait, probably of W.F. Johnson, annotated "Candidate." This presumably refers to his time in Officer Candidate School, which was likely mid-August to mid-November 1942.
WWII Chiriano
Unidentified site, apparently under construction. Annotated "Chiriano", not further identified. May be related to surveyor photo

WWII Claiborne Brehmer
Candid snapshot of Sgt. Brehmer at lunch. He doesn't look too happy at this interruption to his meal, although you'd think he'd be used to it by now; Lt. Johnson was a confirmed shutterbug. Fall 1943.
WWII Claiborne church
Beautiful little country church, with cows. Louisiana.
WWII Claiborne grader
Close-up of a man operating unidentified equipment, possibly a road grader. May be associated with Heavy Equipment School.

WWII Claiborne huddle
Meeting of the minds at Camp Claiborne among Sgts of the 614th Engineers. Another shot of this group is annotated "Huddle (NCOs)".
WWII Claiborne McEwen
Portrait of Lt. McEwen, posing with shovel. Fall 1943.
WWII Claiborne possum
A possum in a tree, Louisiana. Somebody (not the photographer) is pulling his tail, which is probably unrecommended.

WWII Claiborne Reese
"Reese" (not further identified) driving a bulldozer.
WWII Claiborne retreat
Retreat at Camp Claiborne. Apparently Lt. Johnson is not in formation; was he the de-facto company photographer?
WWII Claiborne survey
Unidentified surveyor at work. Squared-off pond behind him and other characteristics of the scene bear a possible resemblence to the Chiriano photo.

WWII Claiborne well bailing
Bailing out a well at Camp Claiborne. This and following photos document well-drilling activities. W.F. Johnson later told of a severe drought during his time at Claiborne; presumably this activity is related. Original album page is annotated ""Well-drilling w/ Failing rig. Fall '43, Claiborne."
WWII Claiborne well Calloway Grothe
Calloway and Grothe at work, looks like they're pouring concrete. Original album page is annotated "Pump mounts for deep well - Claiborne."
WWII Claiborne well Grothe
Grothe and others engaged in construction of the well pump mounts.

WWII Claiborne well Hill
Hill and others pouring concrete for the pump mounts.
WWII Claiborne well Whitley Hill
Hill, Whitley, and others building the pump mounts.
WWII Claiborne well rig 1
Looks like a drill rig for the well. This and the following photos are on the original album page annotated "Well-drilling w/ Failing rig. Fall '43, Claiborne."

WWII Claiborne well rig 2
Unidentified people engaged in well drilling or preparation, might be near completion of the operation.
WWII Claiborne well Brehmer Davis
Sgt. Brehmer, Davis (not further identified), and two other men posing in front of what looks like a well-drilling rig. Success at last?
WWII Comey 1
Portrait of Comey and another man of the 618th, probably at Camp Claiborne.

WWII Comey 2
Another portrait of Comey.
WWII Company area
Company area, location unspecified but probably New Guinea.
WWII 60T float crane
Oops. A large piece of tracked heavy equipment (a power shovel?) sits upside down, annotated "1-1/2 cubic yard Koering dropped while loading on ship." Man standing next to it gives and idea of scale. Probably in New Guinea.

WWII dropped Koering
Another view of the Koering. This name probably refers to the Koehring Company of Wisconsin, a major producer of heavy construction equipment.
WWII elec equipment b
Some sort of field site, unidentified electrical equipment. Possible microphone, cooling fan on floor in background might suggest comms center? Men are identified as Epstein and Zaraby(?). Location unknown but original album context suggests Philippines.
WWII elec equipment a
Duplicate print of previous image.

WWII equip crane
Trucks and crane, unknown Pacific location.
WWII gas generating plant
Construction of a gas-generating plant, preparing to lay the concrete base. Location unknown but related to Chiriano.
WWII gravel pit 1
Loading up in a gravel pit. "2 cubic yard Lorain" refers to the shovel. Operator might be Lt. Johnson. Probably in New Guinea.

WWII gravel pit 2
Another view of the gravel pit. Operator is unknown. Presumably they're not going to load up the jeep.
WWII group of men
Informal snapshot of a group of men milling around near a possible barracks, significance unknown. US location, probably Ft. Belvoir.
WWII harbor causeway
Unidentified harbor, probably in or around New Guinea.

WWII HE school 1
Original album page is annotated ""Belvoir, H.E. School," probably Heavy Equipment training at Ft. Belvoir, VA. The man in the campaign hat might be the instructor?
WWII HE school 2
More heavy equipment training at Ft. Belvoir, looks like same men and machine.
WWII lunchtime
Picnic lunch under the trees. Album context suggests this was taken during construction of the gas-generating plant. Vehicle is carrying several lengths of pipe--possibly gaspipe?

WWII Mac crane
Portrait labeled "Mac," presumably Lt. McEwen, standing in front of wheeled crane and other equipment. Probably in New Guinea.
WWII mechanics
Group portrait of unit mechanics, Dec. 1944 in New Guinea.
WWII men sitting
Informal group portrait, probable US location. Significance unknown.

WWII motor march 1
Portrait of a man posing on the running board of an unidentified car. Another image is annotated "motor march." Probably at Camp Claiborne; coat and gloves suggest maybe Winter 1943.
WWII motor march 2
Annotated "motor march," likely during training at Camp Claiborne.
WWII NG 60T Mack semi
The final result of the 5th-wheel construction.

WWII NG airstrip 1
Lt. Drury apparently doing some surveying during construction of an airstrip in New Guinea. Original album page is labeled "Hilea," apparently a location. Annotation reads "Drury (S.I)"; meaning unknown.
WWII NG airstrip 2
Grading at the Hilea airstrip.
WWII NG airstrip 3
A couple of cranes during Hilea airstrip construction. The one on the left is labeled "Tourna-crane" (no reference); the one on the right is labeled "Track crane - Bay City", which may refer to the Industrial Brownhoist Corporation of Bay City, MI.

WWII NG airstrip 4
Davis, Fenzi, and Sorrensen apparently surveying at the Hilea airstrip construction site.
WWII NG airstrip 5
A large crane removing sections of the landing mat at the Hilea airstrip--perhaps job is near completion?
WWII NG airstrip 6
Drury standing in front of several vehicles at the Hilea airstrip.

WWII NG Balcom Galloway
Balcom, Galloway, and another man apparently at leisure. The half-walled hut construction appeared to be common. Milne Bay, New Guinea, Summer 1944.
WWII NG Barbershop
618th barbershop, probably at Milne Bay, New Guinea. Barber is Rinehart, victim is Johnson.
WWII NG baseball diamond
Army-Navy Game (baseball). Looks like a pretty good turnout. Probably Milne Bay, New Guinea, 1944.

WWII NG Umpire Johnson
Johnson and an unidentified man, wearing a baseball glove. Annotation, probably in Drury's handwriting, says "Umpire Johnson"--did he work the Army-Navy game? Milne Bay, New Guinea, 1944.
WWII NG China Strait 1
View across China Strait, near Milne Bay.
WWII NG China Strait 2
Another view across China Strait.

WWII NG China Strait chapel 1
Mission chapel at China Strait, exterior view.
WWII NG China Strait chapel 2
Interior of mission chapel at China Strait. Look at that stonework and roof structure.
WWII NG China Strait natives
Local people near China Strait. Two outrigger canoes are visible, also some sort of boat (ferry?) in the water.

WWII NG China Strait trading
Annotated "trading with the natives," sort of an open-air market. Not sure if that's the chapel in the background.
WWII NG waterskiing
Person water-skiing, around Milne Bay/China Strait. Board looks more like a surfboard, suspect local construction. Original album page is annotated "New Guinea, Vacation Land??"
WWII NG waterski 1
Another shot of the water-skier.

WWII NG Drury diving 1
Drury diving, vicinity of Milne Bay/China Strait.
WWII NG Drury diving 2
Drury on his way down. He looks like he's going to splash hard.
A brief holiday from the war. She is identified as "Denny" but no other information is provided. Almost certainly China Strait, 1944.

This is "Di", doubtless same boat and occasion.
WWII NG Denny Di
Denny and Di on the boat.
WWII NG Denny Di Drury
Di and Denny, flanking a cheerful-looking Lt. Drury. We are fairly sure Drury and Di (Diana) were married around March 1946.

WWII NG up the river
Appears to be Drury, Di, and Denny on the same boat. A duplicate print is annotated "Up the river" by Johnson, who presumably is on the shore taking the photo. Natives in dugout canoes look like they're getting out of the way. Source of the boat is mysterious, it doesn't look military. Are the registration numbers informative?
WWII NG river scene
Unidentified river scene, might be the same as in "up the river."
WWII NG time out 2
Unidentified person (Johnson?) in a small boat, probably China Strait. The boat looks similar to the one in the previous photos, but that's not clear. These photos were on an adjacent album page and could have been part of that outing. Original album page is annotated "Time out."

WWII NG time out 3
Portrait of Johnson in a boat, again from "Time out" album page.
WWII NG time out 1
View across the bay, from the "Time out" album page.
WWII NG road construction a
Road construction with engineers sitting around or standing looking at camera, while somebody drives a bulldozer. Milne Bay, March 1945.

WWII NG road construction b
dup of previous
WWII NG sitting engrs grader a
Probably road construction, with more engineers sitting around watching somebody else at work.
WWII NG sitting engrs grader b
dup of prev

WWII NG grader dozer a
Grader and dozer at work, probably same road construction. Milne Bay, March 1945.
WWII NG grader dozer b
duplicate of previous
WWII NG Heavy Eqpt Yd 1
Man posing in front of large engine, apparently mounted in a frame. Annotation says, "Corts [assume his name]. Installed D-6600 Cat. engine in Lima crane". Sounds like quite an accomplishment. We assume "Cat" is Caterpillar and Lima refers to the Crane and Shovel Division of the Lima Locomotive Works, Lima, Ohio.

WWII NG Heavy Eqpt Yd 2
Storage yard at the Engineering Depot, Heavy Equipment Yard
WWII NG Heavy Eqpt Yd 3
Bucyrus-Erie 50 T crane and other equipment at the Engineering Depot, Heavy Equipment Yard
WWII NG Milne Bay
View of Milne Bay from officers' quarters. 1944.

WWII NG front door
Possibly another view of Milne Bay. Annotated "Out the front door."
WWII NG Unholy Three
Lts. Johnson, McEwen, and Drury, probably at Milne Bay. The names were annotated by Johnson and the caption was written on the print almost certainly by Drury. Its meaning is mysterious; the Dad we knew was upright, somewhat stolid, perhaps even a little ponderous (although he did have a slightly weird sense of humor). There's a story here, sadly lost.
WWII NG Johnson
Lt. Johnson, Oct. 1944. We concluded the annotation was almost certainly written by Drury. The original album page is titled "Milne Bay, New Guinea - Officer Personnel, 618th Engrs." by Johnson.

Lt. McEwen at Milne Bay, caption very probably by Drury.
Lt. Drury, Oct. 1944. Annotation handwriting is almost certainly his.
WWII NG Johnson McEwen
Lts. Johnson and McEwen, Oct. 1944

WWII NG McEwen Drury
Lts. McEwen and Drury, Milne Bay, Oct. 1944.
WWII NG Johnson pantspress
Portrait of Johnson, Milne Bay, 1994
WWII NG stogie
Portrait of Johnson smoking a cigar. Milne Bay, 1944.

WWII NG The Whistler a
Believe this is Johnson; another print is annotated "The Whistler," probably by Drury. Dad had a whistle that could cut glass.
WWII NG The Whistler b
dup of previous, with annotation
WWII NG Mathews McEwen
Informal portrait of Mathews (from Texas) and McEwen.

WWII NG McEwen portrait
Formal (sort of) portrait of McEwen at his desk.
WWII NG officers latrine a
Drury, in skivvies, posing next to HQs 2nd Battalion Officer's Latrine. Context is unclear. Milne Bay, probably Summer 1944.
WWII NG officers latrine b
dup of previous

WWII NG officers latrine Johnson
Johnson in front of the Officer's Latrine. Is there a subtext here?
WWII NG officers shower 1
Man posed standing in front of Officer's Shower.
WWII NG officers shower 2
Three men posed in front of Officer's Shower. Man on left could be McEwen, on right might be Johnson. Unknown what it is with all these facilities, was this one of Dad's editorial comments, or were those the only buildings yet constructed? "First things first," as Dad used to say.

WWII NG showertime
Men entering Officer's Shower, might be Johnson and Drury.
WWII NG On the job
"618 on the job!" Portrait of Johnson, Milne Bay, 1944.
WWII NG O quarters
Johnson at his desk in Officer's Quarters, apparently taking care of the mail. Note the books in the bookcase in background--texts or references?

WWII NG O quarters Mac
McEwen and Mathews in Officer's Quarters. The room looks the same; note the clothes bar and empty hanger, the radio (just visible in the upper-right corner of the previous shot), and the multiplug extension cord and the glass next to the radio (the sun helmet is missing in this shot). The family photo on the desk is the same but that end of the desk has been rearranged. Looks like they took turns? (And is that a pinup over the radio? My, my.)
WWII NG snacktime Mac
McEwen and Mathews in Officer's Quarters, about to have a little lunch. Same scene as before except McEwen looks ready to open that tuna can or whatever with a screwdriver. Annotated "Snacktime, Mac - Mathews."
WWII Pac rifle range
Group portrait of NCO's at a rifle range, probably vicinity of Milne Bay. May have been around Dec. 1944.

WWII NG rifle range 1
Target practice at the rifle range. It's a little rustic. The photos contain no indications that the 618th was ever in an engagement, but you need to be ready.
WWII NG rifle range 2
More target practice; photographer is standing in a position that suggests the weapons were not loaded. Engineers carried M1 carbines, replacing the M1911 pistol (none of the photos show pistols).
WWII NG rifle range load lock
Target practice. Note the annotation. With all due respect to Sgt. R. Lee Ermey and others, we believe "load and lock" is the technically correct terminology. We note that Johnson's service records list "Qualification in arms: Rifle Sharpshooter, May 26, 1942" and "Expert with Caliber .30 Rifle M1".

WWII NG rifle range paste tgts
Targets at rifle range. Dad was a marksmanship enthusiast; these scenes were almost the only times he used exclamation points.
WWII NG rifle range targets
Target line at the rifle range. The weapon in the foreground has a flash hider and apparently a bipod--a little fancy for engineers, perhaps?
WWII NG three masted a
Three-masted ship, apparently in China Strait near Samuri Is.

WWII NG three masted b
dup of previous
WWII NG trader 1
Small sailing craft, probably in China Strait; annotated "Trader." Seems to be taken from another boat.
WWII NG trader 2
Another view of the trader

WWII NG population 1
Portrait of two New Guinea local people.
WWII NG population 2
Another portrait, probably same two people. These could be the ones in the "Up the river" photo but it's impossible to tell.
WWII NG population 3
dup composite of previous

WWII people mangroves
Several people on shore, with a couple of dugout canoes. Image is poor quality and difficult to interpret.
WWII PI Asingan church
Church in Asingan, central Luzon on the Lingayen Gulf. It has suffered shellfire or bomb damage.
WWII PI poss Asingan church interior
Interior of damaged church, probably same as in previous photo.

WWII PI Asmussen
Portrait of Asmussen (not further identified) operating a crane.
WWII PI Baguio 6
Scenic view of area around Baguio, city in north-central Luzon.
WWII PI Baguio 8
Annotated "Main road," overlooking Baguio area.

WWII PI Baguio 1
Main street in Baguio. Jeeps all over the place.
WWII PI Baguio 3
Family on Baguio main street. Note the wooden sidewalk.
WWII PI Baguio 2
Probably another view of the main street in Baguio.

WWII PI Baguio 5
Person walking down path with large conical basket on tumpline. Original album page is annotated "Baguio country."
WWII PI Baguio 4
Three people walking down a path, perhaps through a field, carrying something--the harvest perhaps? Annotation reads "Igorots," also known as Cordillerans, a highland people living in northern Luzon.
WWII PI Baguio 7
Igorot people sitting on a log at the base of a stone stairway on a hillside.

WWII PI Batangas boats
Boats hauled up on shore at a Batangas fishing village.
WWII PI Batangas boat sail
Batangas fishing boat under sail, probably 6 to 8 people on board.
WWII PI Batangas more-boats
Boats on shore at the Batangas fishing village. Buildings are of substantial construction. Purpose of low railings is unknown; perhaps to dry fish?

WWII PI Batangas people on boat
A small fishing boat near the beach. At least 15 people are on board.
WWII PI Bostwick
portrait of Bostwick (not further identified). San Fernando, Luzon, Aug. 1945.
WWII PI buffalo beach 1
Portrait of a carabao ("swamp buffalo") on the beach. Location unknown, possibly near Vigan or Asingan.

WWII PI buffalo beach 2
Probably same carabao and beach. She looks a little tentative.
WWII PI buggy
Equine-drawn two-wheel buggy. These appear in numerous photos; they seem to be the Philippine equivalent of a jeep.
WWII PI chow
Chow line. Original album page is annotated "Manila - Grace Park section." A number of locals are in evidence, suggesting they may have shared the rations.

WWII PI church remains
Battle-damaged church in San Fernando, La Union province, west coast of Luzon.
WWII PI Dozier
Dozier, identified as "Crane Sgt."
Informal portrait of Clark III (not further identified)

WWII skippy
Unidentified person waring a skippy hat, looks much like Clark III.
WWII PI group portrait b
Group portrait, probably in the Philippines. Left to right: Clark, Millen, Herman, Drury, Johnson. Clark may be same as Clark III in previous photos.
WWII PI group portrait a
dup of previous, no annotation

WWII PI Corregidor 1
View of Corregidor Island, apparently taken on the departure from Manila to the States.
WWII PI Corregidor 2
Sunlight through clouds, near Corregidor.
WWII PI Corregidor 3
Another view of Corregidor.

WWII PI Corregidor 4
Closer view of Corregidor.
WWII PI Dec45 1
People at laden table, December 1945.
WWII PI Dec45 2
Christmas 1945.

WWII PI Dec45 3
Family portrait, December 1945.
WWII PI deportment
Woman carrying large pot on head, demonstrating proper deportment. Annotated "Nice smile, nice carriage."
WWII PI donkey carts
Two of the ubiquitous donkey carts. Probably in San Fernando, a city in the province of La Union on the west coast of central Luzon.

portrait of Fenzi (not further identified), possibly at improvised drafting table? San Fernando, Luzon, Aug. 1945.
WWII PI fishing village 1
Scene of a fishing village near San Fernando, in La Union province on the west coast of central Luzon. Annotated "Waiting for the catch."
WWII PI fishing village 2
Fishing village. Annotated "Day is done."

WWII PI fishing village 3
Another view of the fishing village, annotated "Fishing canoes."
WWII PI fishing village 4
Boats drawn up on a beach at the fishing village.
WWII PI fishing net
Annotated "Fishing net suspensions," location not recorded.

WWII PI local bus
Ground transportation, annotated "local bus." Location not recorded.
WWII PI gone native
Probably Johnson, wearing what looks like a sun helmet and posing with a family group. Annotated "Gone native."
WWII PI Gonzalo Gawhon
Street scene in "China Town, Manila."

WWII PI harvesting rice
Rice harvest, location unrecorded but probably in the vicinity of San Fernando or Santa Maria.
WWII PI women baskets
Three women with very large baskets on their heads. Album context suggests might be related to the rice harvest.
WWII PI road side
People walking along a road, possibly San Fernando or Santa Maria.

WWII PI Lk Bernard b
Annotation says "It rained". Evidently so. Sign in flooded area says "Lake Bernard"--not sure this is a known geographic feature.
WWII PI Lk Bernard a
top is dup of prev
WWII PI heavy equip yard b
Heavy equipment yard, at or near the Lake Bernard location.

WWII PI heavy equip yard a
dup of previous
WWII PI heavy equip yard engr depot
Heavy Equipment Yard, Engineering Depot. Location unknown but looks related to previous photos.
WWII PI quitting time
Annotated "Quitting time"; men leaving Engineer Depot in overloaded truck, locals watching.

WWII PI motor pool
Motor pool, Engineering Depot. Apparently related to previous photos.
WWII PI unloading beach
Unloading equipment on the beach. Apparently related to previous photos.
WWII PI kibitzers
Annotated "Orderly room; kibitzers." Three men sitting on an Army cot in a field, one working at a possible typewriter that is set on a couple of stacked trunks. Local kids are overseeing. Location is identified as "Manila - Grace Park section."

WWII PI man animal cart
Man, possibly Johnson, standing next to a truck and a carabao. Ruined building in background. Location not recorded but probably San Fernando.
WWII PI Manila harbor 1
Views of Manila Harbor, Jan. 5, 1946, not long before departure.
WWII PI Manila harbor 2
Two ships in Manila harbor.

WWII PI Manila harbor 3
Ships and some sort of causeway, Manila harbor.
WWII PI Manila harbor 4
Ship tied up alongside some sort of wobbly-looking structure, Manila harbor.
WWII PI last views Manila 1
Last views of Manila upon departure; unidentified ship and several cranes. Reconstruction?

WWII PI last views Manila 2
Last views of Manila upon departure, numerous ships, landing craft in foreground.
WWII PI last views Manila 3
Last views of Manila upon departure, pan to left of previous photo.
WWII PI last views Manila 4
Last views of Manila upon departure, more ships.

WWII PI market 1
Outdoor market scene, probably San Fernando. Lots of sandals.
WWII PI market 2
A different part of the market.
WWII PI market 3
Open-air market scene, probably San Fernando, August 1945. Original album page annotated "Everybody goes to market."

WWII PI market 4
Market scene, looks like lunchtime, civilian and Philippine miltary.
WWII PI market barter
Another market scene, annotated "Barter."
WWII PI people in road
A couple of people walking down a village road, probably in or near San Fernando.

WWII PI Pres Palace 1
Presidential Palace in Manila.
WWII PI Pres Palace 2
Another view of the Palace, perhasp main entrance.
WWII PI Pres Palace 3
View of Palace, with fountain. Generally looks in good shape but some marks on the walls might reflect battle damage.

WWII PI Pres Palace 4
Portrait of person posing near the Palace.
WWII PI Pres Palace 5
Children on lawn, almost certainly the Palace in the background.
WWII PI Pres Palace 6
Person standing in front of the Palace. Damage on walls is apparent.

WWII PI Pres Palace 7
Interior room of the Palace; fancy table, big chandelier.
WWII PI Pres Palace 8
Reception Hall--fancier table, bigger chandelier.
WWII PI puptents
A row of puptents in a field, bomb crater in foreground. Manila, Grace Park section.

WWII PI San Fernando
Mosaic panorama of San Fernando, a city in La Union province on the west coast of Luzon.
WWII PI San Fernando carts
A couple of the two-wheel buggies by a damaged building in or near San Fernando.
WWII PI San Fernando people
Group of people in San Fernando.

WWII PI SantaMaria church
A church in Santa Maria. Identity of that city is not definitely established but is probably in Ilocos Sur province or Pangasinan province, which are directly south and north of La Union province, where the photos of San Fernando were taken.
WWII PI SantaMaria children 1
Group of children in Santa Maria.
WWII PI SantaMaria children 2
Another portrait of the kids.

WWII PI SF company area 1
Company area near San Fernando.
WWII PI SF company area 2
Another view of the company area.
WWII PI SF company area 3
Company area. Apparent notice-board out front, large item of equipment in back.

WWII PI SF company area 4
Officers' quarters at the company area.
WWII PI SF gravel pit 1
Shovel and men working in a gravel pit at Brown's Point, San Fernando.
WWII PI SF gravel pit 2
Men working on some unidentified equipment in the gravel pit. Hoses suggest pneumatic or hydraulic operation, might be a drill?

WWII PI SF gravel pit 4
Overview of same equipment.
WWII PI SF gravel pit 3
Bulldozer in the gravel pit.
WWII PI SF market 1
San Fernando, market scenes. Woman with child.

WWII PI SF market 2
San Fernando market scene, portrait of girl.
WWII PI SF market 3
San Fernando outdoor market scene. Looks very busy.
WWII PI SF market 4
San Fernando outdoor market scene, annotated "Brazier's." Woman apparently selling a variety of woks and other utensils, presumably brass.

WWII PI SF market 5
San Fernando outdoor market scenes, looks like a family, three generations.
WWII PI SF washer 1
Improvised gravel washer. Original album page is annotated "Iowa Crushing & Screening Plant, Bwang(?) River." Album context implies this activity is related to operations at the Brown's Point gravel pit, San Fernando. The river has not been identified. There is a town named Bawang on the NE tip of Luzon, but it apparently is about 170 mi. from San Fernando. The question remains open.
WWII PI SF washer 2
Another view of the washer.

WWII PI Bwang Koering
Annotated "2 cubic yard Koering [Koehring] dragline, Bwang River." River has not been identified. Album context suggests San Fernando area, possibly related to the operations at the Brown's Point gravel pit, but this is speculative.
WWII PI Balawan arch
Independece Arch. Original album page is annotated "Balawan," poresumably referring to Balawan Island in the southern Philippines.
WWII PI Balawan church
Interior of a church in Balawan.

WWII PI Balawan croc
Small crocodilian in Balawan, with spectators.
WWII PI Shorty 2 b
Unidentified woman, perhaps US Army?--with three children, one of whom is nicknamed "Shorty." Location unrecorded but album context suggests could be Balawan, and general appearance and clothing suggest she might be the person sitting under the Independence Arch.
WWII PI Shorty 2 a
dup of previous, slightly cropped, better tone, no annotation

WWII PI Shorty 1
Shorty and his friends.
WWII PI sugarcane 1
Multiple photos of sugarcane processing. This one is annotated "Squeezing juice from cane," using a carabao-driven press; looks like a small family operation. Unidentified officer is observing. Location unrecorded; album context suggests might be San Fernando or Baguio.
WWII PI sugarcane 2
Another view of the pressing operation. Kids all over the place.

WWII PI sugarcane 3
Boiling down the juice in an open tub. Original album page annotated "Mill."
WWII PI sugarcane 4
Another view of the boiling process.
WWII PI sugarcane 5
Annotated "Sugar." Apparently the final product; several people sitting around a large array of small pots, full of brown-looking stuff.

WWII PI Taal Batangas 1
Town square with statue in Taal, on the coast of Batangas province in the SW part of Luzon, near Lake Taal.
WWII PI Taal Batangas 2
Large unidentified building in Taal; foliage growing on the roof.
WWII PI Taal Batangas 3
Street in Taal, a few people in evidence but looks very quiet.

WWII PI Taal street 1
Another street in Taal, very active. Two more of those buggies.
WWII PI Taal street 2
Another Taal street scene, with jeep.
WWII PI Taal sunset
Sunset at Taal.

WWII PI Bailey bridge
Construction of a Bailey bridge near Taal. Concrete abutments suggest this replaced a destroyed bridge.
WWII PI Vigan church
Appears to be St. Paul's Cathedral in Vigan, a town on the NW coast of Luzon, north of Asingan.
WWII PI Viga pedestrians
A group of girls walking down the street, giving the impression they're off to school or church. Rather fancy building in background. Location is identified as Viga, on Catanduanes province/island, SE of Luzon.

WWII PI Viga bridge
Bridge across a river. Location is identified as Viga, which is probably correct; maps show several rivers crossed by a road near Viga, and the area is described as hilly.
WWII PI Viga bridge blown
Same bridge, with one span dropped. Annotated "Bridge blown."
WWII before Vigon Ferry
Long shot of dirt road running down to river or bay; a few people, jeep, some buildings. Annotated "Just before Vigon Ferry" on back of print, unknown handwriting. Following photos tentatively suggest this refers to Viga, not Vigan.

WWII Vigon Ferry
"Vigon Ferry," consisting of a group of men poling a raft that is half awash. Annotated on the back of the print in the same handwriting. Low hill in background suggests was taken from about same angle as previous, aimed a little to the left.
WWII PI poss Vigon Ferry
Looks like the "Vigon ferry," carrying a jeep, another vehicle, and a number of men. No wonder it's awash. This double exposure also shows a street scene, in which the building in the background resembles that in the earlier photo of the girls walking to school. That suggests this ferry is associated with Viga.
WWII PI Viga river crossing
River crossing at Viga. Object in the water looks like it could be the ferry, carrying two trucks.

WWII PI river crossing
Another river crossing, mostly carabaos and carts, identified as at Viga.
WWII PI village scene
A village scene with four people, unknown context. Location unrecorded but album context suggests possibly San Fernando.
WWII PI war torn 1
Destroyed church, looks like shell holes. Original album page is annotated "War-torn." Location unrecorded but album context suggests might be vicinity of Manila or Taal.

WWII PI war torn 2
Another shattered building, and rubble.
WWII PI war torn 3
Destroyed building--an empty shell.
WWII PI woman hat
Probable market scene, showing woman in an umbrella-sized hat.

WWII portrait building
Portrait, probably Johnson, standing next to unidentified building.
WWII Rifle range chow
"Rifle Range, Summer 43." Chow line, served from the back of a truck.
WWII Rifle range Mac
Looks like another view of the chow line, with man squatting next to large bucket (possibly intended for washing utensils?) while everybody else stands in line with messkits. Annotation is unclear. Mac might be McEwen but we can't tell.

WWII Rifle range pits 1
In the pits at the rifle range.
WWII Rifle range pits 2
Another view of the rifle-range pits. Looks like a hot day out.
WWII Schilling
Informal portrait of Schilling (not further identified). Original album context suggests this is at Ft. Belvoir.

WWII PI Going home Breckinridge
BRECKINRIDGE, the ship that will take them home, in Manila harbor. Original album page is annotated "Going Home." January 1946.
WWII PI Going home harbor people
Apparently preparing for departure from the Philippines, panorama view of the harbor. Presumably Manila.
WWII PI Going home people on pier
Boarding ship.

WWII PI Going home troop movement
People boarding ship, sign "Troop Movement"; one fellow kicking tire on a truck or something--is he planning on a war-surplus purchase when he gets home?
WWII SF Golden Gate 1
View of the Golden Gate bridge. Apparently a little foggy (unsurprisingly).
WWII SF Golden Gate 2
Another view of the Golden Gate bridge, from inside San Francisco Bay.

WWII SF Bay Bridge 1
San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge.
WWII SF Bay Bridge 2
Another view of the Bay Bridge.
WWII SF Welcome home POE 1
Original album page annotated "Home at last; Entering San Francisco Bay." View of harbor, boat with sign "Welcome home - San Francisco Port of Embarkation."

WWII SF Welcome home POE 2
Another view of the harbor and welcoming boat.
WWII SF Welcome home POE 3
Apparently making their way toward the pier.
WWII SF Breckinridge
BRECKINRIDGE, docked at a pier in San Francisco. Probably January 10, 1946.

WWII SF First Americans
People waiting on the pier. Annotated "First Americans." Interesting mix of headgear.
WWII SF skyline 1
View of San Francisco skyline.
WWII SF skyline 2
Another view of city skyline.

WWII SF skyline 3
And another ...
WWII SF skyline 4
And another. Is that Coit Tower?
WWII shipping documents
We don't understand this one. Man at desk in front of bank of pigeonholes, furniture looks homemade but solid, crude sign painted on side of desk: "For Shipping Documents." Annotation "Funny?". Context unknown. December, 1944 in New Guinea.

WWII shovel toolroom
Man standing in front of solid-looking wood building with sign "Shovel Toolroom." Probably at Ft. Belvoir.
WWII Smithsonian
Unidentified person standing in front of a dinosaur exhibit at the Smithsonian. Uniform suggests he was in OCS (see photo of Candidate Johnson).
WWII steam shovel
Training at Ft. Belvoir. Men with power shovel, using it to lift something.

WWII shovel bucket
Business end of shovel, plenty of mud. Probably Winter of 1942/43.
WWII tandem grading
Grader, other equipment, apparently building a road; a duplicate print is annotated "Tandem grading." Probably in New Guinea. Original album page is annotated "618 on the job!".
WWII three men
Informal shot of three unidentified men. Album context implies Ft. Belvoir.

WWII Voyage to Manila 1
Seascape, shot during transit from New Guinea to the Philippines. Original album page is annotated "Voyage to Manila, aboard Liberty ship." May 1945.
WWII Voyage to Manila 2
Another scenic photo during the voyage.
WWII Voyage to Manila 3
Shipboard scene during the voyage, showing Rigden with a pet monkey on a leash.

WWII Voyage to Manila 4
Somebody--doesn't look like Rigden--sitting on deck, reading. He's got a monkey on his head.
WWII Voyage to Manila rifle inspection
Rifle inspection during the voyage.
WWII Voyage to Manila signalman
Navy signalman. He looks like he could sail with Sir Francis Drake.

WWII Voyage to Manila signalman working
The signalman at work.
WWII PI Manila arrival 1
Ablutions--man getting ready to take a helmet bath. Manila, June 1945, shortly after arrival.
WWII PI Manila arrival 2
More ablutions, with a couple of kids watching curiously. Annotated "It's the truth," significance unclear.

WWI PI school
Children in a schoolyard, almost certainly San Fernando.
WWII woman with pipe
Another mysterious image. Portrait of woman standing in front of jeep, smoking a pipe. Annotated "Ain't it the truth," significance unknown. Somewhere around China Strait.

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