Going Home

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Lt. Johnson left Manila on 5 January 1946 and arrived in San Francisco on 20 January. He was separated from the service on 12 April 1946 with the rank of Captain.
WWII PI Going home Breckinridge
BRECKINRIDGE in Manila harbor. Original album page is annotated "Going Home." January 5, 1946.
WWII PI Going home harbor people
Apparently preparing for departure from Manila, panorama view of the harbor.
WWII PI Going home people on pier
Boarding ship.

WWII PI Going home troop movement
People boarding ship, sign "Troop Movement." One fellow is kicking the tires--is he planning on a war-surplus purchase when he gets home?
WWII PI Manila harbor 1
Views of Manila Harbor as they departed, Jan. 5, 1946
WWII PI Manila harbor 2
Two ships in Manila harbor.

WWII PI Manila harbor 3
Ships and some sort of causeway, Manila harbor.
WWII PI Manila harbor 4
Ship tied up alongside some sort of wobbly-looking structure, Manila harbor.
WWII PI last views Manila 1
Last views of Manila upon departure; unidentified ship and several cranes. Reconstruction underway?

WWII PI last views Manila 2
Last views of Manila, numerous ships with landing craft in foreground.
WWII PI last views Manila 3
Last views of Manila, pan to left of previous photo.
WWII PI last views Manila 4
Last views of Manila, more ships.

WWII PI Corregidor 1
View of Corregidor Island, apparently taken on the departure from Manila to the States.
WWII PI Corregidor 2
Sunlight through clouds, near Corregidor.
WWII PI Corregidor 3
Another view of Corregidor.

WWII PI Corregidor 4
Closer view of Corregidor.
WWII SF Golden Gate 1
View of the Golden Gate bridge. Apparently a little foggy (unsurprisingly).
WWII SF Golden Gate 2
Another view of the Golden Gate bridge, from inside San Francisco Bay.

WWII SF Bay Bridge 1
San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge.
WWII SF Bay Bridge 2
Another view of the Bay Bridge.
WWII SF Welcome home POE 1
Original album page annotated "Home at last; Entering San Francisco Bay." Boat has sign "Welcome home - San Francisco Port of Embarkation."

WWII SF Welcome home POE 2
Another view of the harbor and welcoming boat.
WWII SF Welcome home POE 3
Apparently making their way toward the pier.
WWII SF Breckinridge
BRECKINRIDGE, docked at a pier in San Francisco. It arrived less than 16 days after leaving Manila, which equates to a sustained speed of advance approaching 17 knots--pretty good for a Navy transport.

WWII SF First Americans
People waiting on the pier. Annotated "First Americans." Interesting mix of headgear.
WWII SF skyline 1
View of San Francisco skyline.
WWII SF skyline 2
Another view of city skyline.

WWII SF skyline 3
And another ...
WWII SF skyline 4
And another. Is that Coit Tower?
WFJ WHJ NEJ Family reunion
W.F. Johnson and his parents, back from the war. Photo may have been taken by Drury during a visit to his home. Some weeks later, Johnson served as best man at Drury's wedding to Diana.

WWII new car
A cheerful Capt. Johnson posing with a new car, back at the family home.
WWII group
Around early April 1946, Charles Drury married Diana. Drury is the uniformed officer next to his bride in the front row; the other officer in the back row appears to be Johnson.

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